Who we are

Blequity Brands is a Black, woman-owned firm. We produce lovingly curated gift boxes featuring products created and manufactured by BIPOC-owned businesses. We do this in the spirit of racial justice to combat the economic exclusion and discrimination people and communities of color contend with daily.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We curate gift boxes that promote joy, self-care and self-love.

Our Values

We are deeply concerned about social justice and stand with Black and Brown communities, which bear the brunt of inequity resulting from structural racism. We’re elevating BIPOC-owned firms and their products in the interest of achieving racial and economic justice within their communities.

We believe people make the world go round, and right now so many people are working harder than ever in the fight for racial equity and justice. We’re here to remind people to smile, rest and nurture themselves along the way.

We prioritize radical self-care which we define as: “vigilantly honoring yourself enough to nourish and care for yourself mentally and physically.