Kudos to you for taking time out to do something meaningful for yourself (round of applause).

We invite you to take our self-care pledge and commit to putting YOURSELF first. Take the following steps over the next 7 days to prioritize your self-care. We hope these steps will become habit-forming for you in your journey to #prioritizeyourself-care. Remember it’s a radical act.

  1. Start your day with “How will I love on myself today?”
    Perhaps you will commit to drinking more water, or making sure you don’t get lost in the workday and forget to replenish yourself with a good lunch.
  2. Celebrate your Dopeness! Don’t seek outward validation. Validate yourself on the regular.
    Check in with yourself daily and ask yourself “What accomplishments or choices did I make today that I’m proud of?” Consider journaling these daily or at least a few times a week. Perhaps you aced an exam, or a project at work. Perhaps you asserted yourself or advocated for yourself. Celebrate yourself!
  3. Practice Self-awareness
    Check in with yourself throughout the day. Ask yourself “How am I feeling in this moment?” “What’s one word to describe how I’m feeling?” Get into the habit of centering on how YOU feel and attending to or honoring your feelings. Do this often enough and it will become a habit—one that will build your self-awareness.
  4. Prioritize and Block out Self-Care hours
    Carve out time in your day to do something for YOURSELF. Whether its morning prayer or meditation, maybe you find an hour before bedtime to read or enjoy an audiobook. Maybe you can unwind by watching a TV show or program. Put your phone aside, turn those text notifications off and lean into self. This isn’t an easy task, and will require you to establish some boundaries.
  5. Be Authentically You, They’ll adjust
    Understand that you, in all your authenticity add value to anything you’re involved with. Bump the representative, bump assimilating. Be You. They’ll adjust. Bring your authentic self to the table and walk in it.
  6. Honor your health, It’s truly wealth
    Whether you make that call and schedule that physical or consult with a doctor. Perhaps you commit to preparing healthy and nutritious meals or prioritize getting your exercise on at least 3-4 days per week. You might even find a great therapist to counsel you regularly. Ask yourself, how can I honor my health?